The Dull Club group:

We have moved our discussions of ordinary, mundane, everyday, run-of-the-mill things to The Dull Club group we have had for a while on Facebook. Facebook disabled and is reviewing the Dull Men’s Club group.

We are appealing. Facebook tells us the group made multiple Posts that violated their Page, Groups, and Events Policies as well as their Community Standards. As for what these violations are, all we’ve been told so far by Facebook is they do not allow certain things including:

  • Graphic violence
  • Hate speech, harassment, and bullying
  • Nudity, sexual activity, and sexual exploitation

We certainly try to avoid all of those things. We do not approve posts that contain those things and, when we become aware of them in comments, we delete them and often also delete the members posting them. Because we were receiving 100 to 200 posts per day, it’s possible a few were inadvertently approved.

In our appeal, we are asking for specific examples of posts that caused the disabling. We would like Facebook to reconsider and restore the group. We had no warning about the violations. In fact, we thought we were doing excellent work as Facebook was referring to new members to us. In answer to the question “how did you hear about us” in the list of questions asked in the membership request form, the most common answer was “referred by Facebook.”

It would be a pity if the 55K members and all of the content they have contributed are lost. Members really like this group. Many say it’s their favorite group on Facebook. We appreciated Facebook provided the opportunity like this group for us to share how we Celebrate the Ordinary. And for recommending new members to the group.

Facebook is “constantly making changes to ensure a positive experience.” We are looking forward to working with them to achieve this goal.

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