This is a day to clear out and clean your fridge before the holidays. Get rid of all of those UFOs (unidentified shriveled objects). There will be more than enough leftovers from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s to fill it back up.

Do this:

• Take everything out.

• Wash the sides, top, bottom, and the racks.

• Before putting anything back in, toss out everything you’re not likely to ever use again.

• Before putting back what’s left, clean the bottles, jars. and other containers.

Next comes the fun part for the dullsters among us: arrange by use-by dates.

The day was started by Whirlpool in 1995. They were aiming for the middle of November. That would be a moving date. In the  years that followed, greeting card companies and others weighed in. It ended up being a fixed date. Fixed dates (like Christmas and New Year’s) are easier to remember than floating dates (like Thanksgiving and Easter).

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