Homemade Bread Day  — November 17 — [same day every year]

bread rising

Bakers of the world, rise up and bake some bread. Today is Homemade Bread Day.

Bread has been made for thousands of years. Estimates date it’s origin back to 5000-10,000 B.C. Modern day lifestyles has relegated homemade bread to the world of specialty baking and holiday baking. People just don’t have time to bake home made bread. We turn to a quick “run” to bakeries and grocery stores, for our bread needs. The arrival of automatic breadmakers has created a small resurgence of home made breads, especially specialty breads.

The purpose of the day is easy to understand how to make home made bread.  Take some time out of your busy day tomake some bread. Your nose, your taste buds, and your whole family will be glad you did.

Origin of Homemade Bread Day

According to research done by holidayinsights.com it appears that the day is sponsored by the Homemade Bread Day Committee of Montague, MI. No website for them has been found yet. The search will continue for more information about the origin of the day.