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This section is devoted to collections and museums of ordinary things. If you have  a collection or museum to suggest for this section, please contact us using our Contact Us Form or our Contact Us Email Address.

Collections often grow into museums and there are now two types of museums: the original bricks-and-mortar museums and the new cyberspace museums. Moreover, now the collectors and bricks-and-mortar museums have websites. We combine all of these, organized in categories based on the types of items displayed, in this section.

Table of Contents

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  1. Airsickness Bags
  2. Apple Mac Computers
  3. Aprons
  4. Asphalt
  5. Bagpipes
  6. Banana Stickers
  7. Bananas
  8. Barbed Wire
  9. Barber
  10. Biscuit Tins
  11. Broken Relationships
  12. Buses
  13. Calculators
  14. Candy Wrapers
  15. Canoes
  16. Caravans and RVs
  17. Carousels
  18. Carrots
  19. Chop Sticks
  20. Cigar Bands
  21. Coat Hangers
  22. Combs
  23. Cricket
  24. Curling
  25. Dead Umbrellas
  26. Dog Collars
  27. Dominoes
  28. Egg Cups
  29. Electric Shavers
  30. Erasers
  31. Fans
  32. Fence Posts
  33. Firehydrants
  34. Flashlights
  35. Gas
  36. Gloves
  37. Gravel
  38. Greeting Cards
  39. Grocery Shopping Lists
  40. Hallucinogenics
  41. Hammers
  42. Helmets
  43. Hotel Soap
  44. Hovercrafts
  45. Hymnals
  46. Jam
  47. Knitting
  48. Lawnmowers
  49. License Plates
  50. Light Bulbs
  51. Lunchboxes
  52. Manhole Covers
  53. Marmite
  54. Milk Bottles
  55. Milk Cartons
  56. Multitools
  57. Museums
  58. Nails
  59. Neckties
  60. Needles
  61. Okra
  62. Packaging
  63. Pavement Patterns
  64. Pencils
  65. Pinball Machines
  66. Postcards
  67. Potted Meat
  68. Rowing
  69. Salt
  70. Sand
  71. Sewing Machines
  72. Shopping Bags
  73. Shopping Carts
  74. Shovels
  75. Sod Houses
  76. Spam
  77. Stained Glass Windows
  78. Staplers
  79. Steam
  80. Street Signs
  81. Sugar Packets
  82. Taxes
  83. Telegraphs
  84. Tennis Rackets
  85. Toasters
  86. Toilets
  87. Toothbrushes
  88. Tractors
  89. Traffic Cones
  90. Traffic Signs
  91. Trains
  92. Tuna
  93. Typewriters
  94. Underpants
  95. Useful Things
  96. Vinegar
  97. Wallpaper
  98. Washing-Up Bowls
  99. Water Towers
  100. Whales
  101. Windmills
  102. Wooden Nickels

This section is compiled and edited by Cole Lecter and Major Fayntley-Grey:

Cole Lecter
Major Fayntley-Grey


We realize that not everyone likes to mow laws and to do all the other chores needed to maintain a lawn. For these people, there is a museum . . . the “World Famous” Asphalt Museum in Sonoma, California. On display...

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Dear DMC, I suggest you list this museum in the museums section: The Gasworks Museum in Biggar. Warning: This page contains one exclamation mark, and several colour photographs. Then there is the equally uninspiring Savings Bank...

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