January 6  [same date every year]

National Bean Day

bean day

Today is listed by numerous calendars as National Bean Day (in the U.S.). But why?

Celebrates a death? There is speculation, for example in The Huffington Post, that the day stems from the fact that a preeminent geneticist Gregor Johann Mendel, the “father of modern genetics,” died on January 6, 1884. Mendel, called “The Father of Modern Genetics,” was an Augustinian monk and scientist in Austria.

Controversy? But didn’t Mendel use peas, not beans, for his research? Sources such as Wikipedia indicate Mendel used peas to test his theories on inheritance of certain genetic traits.

Beans in Denver: There’s a website proclaiming “Happy National Bean Day [exaomation point removed] How to celebrate, Colorado-style:

•   Breakfast:  coffee beans — drink Novo coffee, a Colorado coffee company.

•   Lunch:  have it at the Squeak Bean — have their ‘The Bean” salad made from green beans.

•   Dinner:  have it at Fruition where Chef Alex Seidel loves beans, puts them in practically all of his winter dishes.

Alternative suggestion: a commentator has suggested that the day be celebrated with three minutes of silence.