February 18-24

National Chip Week (in the U.K.)

Chips (“french fries” in the U.S., “pomme frites” in France and Belgium)

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Chips — U.K.’s National Dish?

Chip Timeline:

  • 1790s:  chips were first served in France
  • 1860s:  Fish & Chip shops started opening up in the U.K.
  • 1920s:  Fish & Chip shops in the U.K. had grown to 35,000

Chip Trivia:

  • 25% of all British potatoes consumed in Britain are served as chips
  • Chips are eaten by 80 percent of all U.K. households
  • There are now 8,500 Fish & Chip shops in the U.K. now, down from the 35,000 in the 1920s