February 15-24, 2013

67th Annual Riverside County National Date Festival

“Ten days of fabulous family fun and entertainment”

opening ceremony 08
“Blessing of the Dates”

The important traditional “Blessing of the Dates” ceremony begins at 9:30 am on Friday, February 13 — prayers for the date palms and the safety of the workers and equipment.

Camel and Ostrich Racing

When was the last time you saw a camel or ostrich race? It’s a hilarious and unpredictable event.

A Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival tradition for years, camel and ostrich races continue to captivate audiences with their crazy riders and unexpected animal behavior.

Important ostrich trivia:

•  The ostrich is the largest bird on earth today and the only two-toed bird on earth?

•  African natives use ostrich eggs as canteens

•  The myth that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when frightened is not true.

•  They run at very high speeds, speeds in excess of 40 MPH (it’s good that ostriches have excellent eyesight, and it makes for more excitement at the races!

Camels are fun to watch too.

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