World Gurning Championships — September 18, 2010 — Egremont, Cumbria, England


Competition gets ugly at the
World Gurning Championships.

What’s Gurning?


Gurning is making a grotesque face. But don’t worry: gurning is safe, your face will return to its original shape.

The word “gurn” is thought to have been derived years ago from “grin.”

Gurning is sometimes described as a grin gone wrong.

Gurning contestants traditionally frame their faces through a horse collar.

People with no teeth have greater gurning capabilities; with no teeth, there is more room for the jaw to move farther up.

Egremont Crab Fair

gurning banner 2

The most notable gurning contest is the one held each year at the Egremont Crab Fair. The fair dates back to 1267. King Henry III granted a Royal Charter to the fair.

Winners in recent history, 1945-2009, are listed on the official website of the Egremont Crab Fair click here.