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The article “How to be a moderately successful person” by Emer O’Toole in The Guardian is in my mind with thinking about 2016.

But do I really want to be highly successful? After reading the article, I’m realizing “moderately successful” ought to be good enough.

There’s a word in Swedish that’s pertinent here — “lagoon.” It mans “just the right amount.” For success, I think what I should be looking for is “just the right amount.”

As for to-do lists, I love the article’s suggestion of having “make a to-do list” the first to-do on my to-do list. That way I will get at least one thing done and enjoy the feeling of success early on every day.

I’m spending some time on the paragraph “Accept your clutter.” I usually have more than clutter I’d like, I’d like to cut back a bit.

As for the suggestion about not asking visitors to use coasters. I’m not sure yet I’m ready to do that. I was brought up on a household where using coasters was a way of life. And a coaster can be fun — if it’s a jokey one:


I identify with a statement in the article: “I hope it will not seem conceited if I say that I am a moderately successful person.” In my case, I’m doing things I like to do. I go where I like to go. I have friends. And there’s the other statement in the article I identify with: “I wrote a book that is doing quite well.”

I don’t need to be perfect — it’ll be OK if I simply make some progress each day — just the right amount.

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Leland Carlson
Assistant Vice President
Dull Men’s Club
(AVP the DMC’s highest office)

January  2,  2016