The Andover Dull Men’s Club, the 9th DMC to be formed in the Boston area, will be having its first meeting:

Thursday, September 17, starting at 1:30

Location: 23 Clark Road, Andover 01810

Information: (978) 623-8372

Our welcoming note to them:

Welcome onbored. Congratulations. It’s great to see you joining the other DMCs in your area. You’ll no doubt have a lot of fun like they have been having, that the excitement you enjoy comes down to our level.

Who would have thought we dullsters would be trendsetters. It’s turning out we are
The New Normal.

When lockdown arrived, we were ready. It was nothing new for us. As we’d been saying, “We don’t get out much.”

While others were climbing the walls, we had plenty to do, often in our sheds, garages, and basements where we like to spend time.

We wish you the best as you start up, as you sit back, relax, and have fun discussing common, ordinary, run-of-the-mill stuff.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly).

Grover Click and Leland Carlson (founders and now assistant vice presidents (our highest office))

The other local DMCs in the area are (ranked by when they were founded): Pembroke, Southborough, Northborough, Sterling, Clinton, Portsmouth, Brockton, New Bedford.