peter willis postboxes

Peter Willis, retired postman in England, intends to photograph all of Britain’s 115,000 postboxes. So far, he has photographed 2,500 of them. He started when he retired in 2007.

Today Peter was interviewed on BBC Radio 4, click here to listen. 


Peter and his wife Diane live in Worcester, county town of Worcestershire in the East Midlands of England.

He has a list of every postbox from Royal Mail. Once he’s taken a picture of a box, he strikes it off the list.”

Not only does he have the list, he has programmed his GPS to beep when he passes a postbox.

Peter is thrilled that he lives near a rare postbox, one bearing the insignia of King Edward VIII. Only 160 boxes were made during his short reign.

Diane accompanies Peter on many of his trips. She often needs to stand guard when he’s out in the middle of a road to get a good shot of a postbox. She also needs to explain to onlookers that Peter is not mad.”

Peter clearly qualifies to be nominated for Dull Man of the Year.

The other nominees so far this year are:

   •   Simon Beck, from England, who showshoes five to nine hours a day designing Snow Art on snow fields, fields that look much like their crop circle cousins.
   •    Ken Myers, from England, who for 34 years has given the same Valentine’s card to his wife.

    •    Peter Skyllbert, from Sweden, who spent two months — and survived — in his car that was buried in an avalanche of snow.
    •    Iggy, godfather of punk, who loves to potter around his home and gardens in Miami, goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. or earlier, and confesses “I’ve got a lust for slippers.”


12 May 2012