FB lego uss mo

Jim and granddaughter Leigha

Fisherman spends three years building ‘world’s biggest’ Lego model of warship USS Missouri – only to be beaten by just inches by an American rival” is the headline in the Daily Mail.

An amazing accomplishment yet the headline is that he only comes second place.

What’s wrong with second place? Nothing is wrong with it, at least that’s what we in the Dull Men’s Club think. It’s a comfortable place to be. It’s out of the limelight. Free of worry, no need to continually look back over our shoulder to see who might be coming to take us out.

Remember that it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.

The highest office in the Dull Men’s Club is assistant vice president.

We especially like the fact that Jim has chosen to model something that’s in our favourite colour — grey.