We were greatly disappointed when we came across this message when we went to view the website of the Biscuit Appreciation Society:

The Biscuits have crumbled [exclamation point removed]

17th April 2011

It is with a waft a freshly baked shortbread, and the sound of a ginger nut broken in two, that the Biscuit Appreciation Society concludes its existence today.

After eleven years of dunking, breaking, slopping, burning, sampling, tasting and most of all delighting; the members concluded that we needed to look at new foods.

At 6.30pm, special tea was brewed, chocolate melted and biscuits glazed whilst the chairman of the society gave a final speech.

Thanks to all of our members over the years, and to all of the emails we’ve had (many of which were requests for us to do your home work about biscuits [two exclamation points removed]).

All that’s left to say is “enjoy” [exclamation point removed]

The Biscuit Box is closed.

The Biscuit Appreciation Society, 29th December 1999 – 17th April 2011

Click here to see the above message on what’s left of the society’s website.