B bandstand

“Then and now pictures of Britain’s iconic bandstands: Landscape
architect tours country’s parks to research treasured structures”

 A wonderful new book by Paul Rabbitts, Bandstand of Britain, is covered in today’s MailOnline.

Paul, a qualified landscape architect, is a leading expert on bandstands.

There are limits to dullness. For the past 50 to 70 years, Bandstands have been living lives that have been too dull. Paul is behind BookaBandstand.com, a website dedicated to “Bringing Bandstands Back to Life.”

Paul is schedued to be in the new book we are busy writing, “Dull Men of Great Britain.” It’ll to be much like the calendar we published last year. But will have more men in it. Nominations are still open — anyone you’d like nominate? If so, email us at  contactus@dullmen.com

Also  in the Times on the 16th:

 B Bandstands of Britain in Times