Hot off the press, some of “All the News That’s Fit to Print” from the New York Times is an article about chickens in a park in Brooklyn.

A NIMBY (“not in my backyard”) battle began when members of the Warren-St. Marks Community Garden in Park Slope brought eight clucking hens into the garden.

The pro-chicken residents say the chickens are good to have in the garden. They improve the environment there by eating scraps and contributing to the garden’s compost pile.

The anti-chicken residents say the chickens stink and might bring flies, vermin, lead poisoning, and possibly even avian flue into the neighborhood.

We dull men would have enjoyed being at a meeting of local residents Sunday when discussed, in detail, composting and chicken coop wiring. And a city rat consultant explained that the chickens were rat-free.

Hopefully the dispute is resolved soon. “I want to get along with my neighbors — I don’t want a chicken to get between me and my neighbor,” says Ibon Muhammad, a Warren Street resident since 1980.



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