Southborough DMC 2013 07

Southborough’s Community Advocate reported recently on the local DMC that has been formed.

“Adult in Charge” Bill Harrington:

Bill Harrington

Interesting excerpt from the article:

“A typical meeting starts with chit-chatting; somehow a subject evolves and we talk about it for a while,” Harrington noted. “Whenever the conversation begins to wind down, then somebody will tell a joke to get things moving again.”

He offered an example: “I like long walks – especially when they’re taken by people who annoy me.”

A common topic of conversation is the members’ hobbies. Some meetings have included “show-and-tell,” such as the time members learned about archery from Ernie Richard, better known around town as Ernie the Barber.

“Ernie does competitive archery, and he brought some of his bows and arrows to a meeting,” Harrington said. “Another fellow is into model trains. For one of our meetings, we went to his place and got to see his layout, which is immense. He’s got about 2,000 cars and 200 engines. He can’t tell his wife how much he spent on this hobby.”

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