For a couple of years, for some reason, I’ve been  noticing burned out headlights. It seemed like headlights were burned out a lot, and usually the drivers side (left in US). Another “Dull Club” friend of mine suggested doing a survey to see what the “truth” really was.In January of this year I started keeping a record. I immediately noticed that headlights were not burned out as often as I thought, so I decided to do only 50 vehicles.

It took over 2 months to do the 50 vehicles. As it turned out, the “truth” was a lot different then I thought before keeping track.

The results were: 29 drivers side (left), and 21 passenger side (right). or 58% to 42%. Interesting how the “facts” show a different “truth” then we think.

Bob Speakman
Oceanside, California