Sunday March 9 — clocks spring ahead from standard time to daylight saving time — losing an hour

March spring ahead buy hanging on

Stay up to change clocks? This is one of the rare times of the year that dull men stay up late — staying up to change clocks at precisely the correct moment.

Europe and other parts of the world: these exciting events take place March 30 — click here for a worldwide list of Daylight Saving Time.

Saving or savings? This is an interesting topic for dull men to discuss. The official wording is “saving.”

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Sunday March 9 — Check Batteries Day

Smoke alarms but spread to other, which makes sense.

March check batteries day

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Monday March 10 — Fill Staplers Day

Check Batteries Day gave us an idea. We wanted to do something about those annoying empty staplers — usually becoming empty when we are in a rush to staple something.

But we didn’t make the day as Spring Forward Day and Check Batteries Day when people will be busy changing clocks and checking batteries. So we made it the next day.

We submitted Fill Staplers Day to Chase’s Calendar of Events; they’ve listed it in their 2013 and 2014 editions.

March fill staplers day

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