Equipment needed

•  Car

•  Carwash

•  Coins or credit card

•  Chamois or towel


Any time of year.

Car Wash 2a


To prepare for this experience, to make sure you won’t get scared when doing the real thing, click here to watch a video of a ride through a car wash.

Car Wash 3a


  1. Lower antenna. 
  2. Drive up to the entrance of Car Wash.
  3. Pay using the coins or credit card.
  4. Close windows.
  5. Once the light turns green, drive into the Car Wash until the light turns red.
  6. Enjoy the ride.
  7. When ride ends, drive the car forward to a parking place.
  8. Use chamois or towel to dry off bits the Car Wash’s dryer missed.
  9. If you find a spot that didn’t get clean, ask attendant if you can ride through again.


While you are riding through the Car Wash you will be tempted to turn on the windshield wipers. This is OK if the Car Wash is the brushless kind. If it is the kind that uses brushes, however, be very careful not to have the wipers on when a brush is getting close to the windshield.

The same applies to the rear window wiper, if your car has one.