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New York is the “World Capital” of many things — but did you know it’s the “World Capital of Park Benches”? There are 9,000 benches in Central Park and more in other parks and squares around the city.

Dull men love park benches. We’ll travel practically anywhere so long as we know we fill find park benches once we’re there.

Park benches are wonderful. We sit down. We relax. We watch the world go by, watch people rushing about, people in their in-and-trendy attire — while we enjoy simply sitting on our bench.

Many improvements have been made in Central Park over the last several decades, due largely to the efforts of the Central Park Conservancy. Click here to get to their website, which has a vast amount of information about the park and here to get to an engrossing interactive map of the attractions in the park.


Adopt a Bench

Two thousand benches have been adopted under the Adopt-a-Bench program st up by the Central Park Conservancy in 1986. A bench can be adopted with a donation of $7,000. Donors can place plaques on their benches.

 cleveland amory
Plaque on bench where Cleveland Amory (1917-1998) played chess (author of best-
seller The Cat Who Came for Christmas (1987), The Proper Bostonians (1947)
and much more). Although not a dull man, he was an early supporter of the DMC.

Four styles of benches are up for adoption: (1) wood-and-concrete, (2) rustic, (3) World’s Fair Bench, (4) Central Park Settee.

Bench with great view — of Cleopatra’s Needle

 central park bench by obalisk 2

Lampposts provide directions

If lost, you can find help for finding where you are by looking at the lampposts.