Dear DMC:

We are all know that wine experts have a wide vocabulary to describe the flavours and aromas of wine -“gooseberry”, “grass”, “elderberry” to name only a few.  But spare a thought for the cheese lovers. They have a much harder job, as this piece in The Guardian demonstrates.

Best wishes

Steve Reszetniak

12 November 2013


Thanks Steve. Who would have thought that so much thinking goes into labeling cheese. Thanks to this article now we know.

We see that “balanced” is one of the terms used. That’s probably the one for us dull men. We like to think we are balanced.

Of course a favorite thing we like about cheese is watching it mature. Thanks to, this now is convenient to do:

It can be viewed in a three-month time-lapse. Or, if that’s too exciting for you, there’s a twelve-month time-lapse version.


12 November 2013