international clothesline week 2

Dear Sir

You cannot imagine my disappointment when I clicked on This is “International Clothesline Week” and the link went nowhere.

We have the highest clothesline poles in the village with three horizontal lines between them (my father put them up years ago, I think they’re set in 3 ft of concrete) which makes putting the washing out no chore at all.

There’s nothing I like more than, having hoisted the lines up, leaning against the garden wall, smoking a cigarette (can I use that word?) and watching the clothes blow.

It’s especially satisfying if you have sheets and or duvet covers on the line, they really billow out, if, of course, you have pegged them in the right way to catch the wind properly.

Does anybody else take account of the wind direction before putting their washing out and peg accordingly?


Robert Nance
Penzance, Cornwall


Dear Nance

Thanks for pointing out the flaw with the link. We’ve fixed it.

And thanks for your vivid description of the satisfaction you receive from drying your clothes on your outstanding clotheslines.

Do you have pictures your email to us?

That’s a good point about wind direction. Can you email to us information about how you peg clothes the right way to catch the wind properly?






June 4