snow leopard

Dear DMC,

Is there an unremarkable compilation of dull quotes anywhere on the Dull Men’s Club website?

May I suggest this one:

“Also I love the common miracles — the murmur of my friends at evening, the clay fires of smudgy juniper, the coarse dull food, the hardship and simplicity, the contentment of doing one thing at a time: when I take my blue tin cup into my hand, that is all I do.”

It’s from Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard (1979)

Francois Gojat

Wimereux, France


Dear Francois,

We are looking for quotes just like this and will be starting a page for them. Your email to us is timely. So far, the quotes are only on our blog, not on a separate page dedicated to them.

If other readers have quotes you’d like to see posted, please email them to us []. We are going to start giving out caps, T-shirts, coffee mugs to contributors of content.




not doing one thing at a time

Candidate for Matthiessen’s common miracles