Curling blue and black

I agree that curling is a wonderful sport.  However there are aspects that are scary and amazing,

Scary — when the curling sweeper guys sweep the ice like madmen.  Some day, I know, somebody is going to fall on the ice and get hurt.  I wonder if they wear mouth guards?

Amazing — the curling stone slider guy’s flexibility.  Those days are long past for me.

The most exciting part of curling (for me) is when the three guys get together and discuss strategy.  I know what they are saying . . . “I’ll slide the stone down the ice.  You guys sweep like crazy.  If we’re lucky we’ll knock the Canadian stone out of that little circle thing.  Then we’ll get a beer.  Sounds like a plan?”

Kurt Kessler

This reader comment was to our post a few days ago “Curling—our favorite Winter Olympic Sport.”