snowglobe xmas

Snowglobes are wonderful. They’re fun to watch. They’re a great way to enjoy winter — watch snow without having to go outdoors where it’s cold and avoid getting wet from real snow.

The snowglobe shown above is from the website, specifically here’s its URL: This one is rather expensive; there are less expensive ones on the website.

Here’s a dull one we found on Google Images:

snowglobe 1

Here’s a duller one:

snowglobe 2

Duller yet:

snowglobe 3 dullestkent rogowski snowglobe3

 Extreme Snowglobing

 snowglobe giant one
In the Surry Quays Shopping Centre (England)

Snowglobe Museum

Original Viennese snow globe maker & snow globe museum

Schumanngasse 87
1170 Wien

+43 1 486 43 41

For over 100 years, the glass globes made by the Viennese snow globe maker Perzy have enchanted people with their romantic winter landscape themes.