How the elevator transformed America: the unsung conveyance that there us together—and allowed us to build up” — in The Boston Globe earlier this month.

This caught our eyes. We like to recognize the unsung.

“The lack of interest scholars have shown in the cultural life of elevators is appalling,” says Daniel Levinson Wilk, associate professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (“FIT”) in New York and board member of the Elevator Museum in Queens,

The article points out that, in the eyes of many, elevators are unremarkable. Elevators do not inspire the interest, often passion, that trains and planes and even bicycles do. Yet without elevators, there would be no tall buildings for offices and apartments. Life as we know it today would not be possible. The impact of the elevator has been as great as the impact of the automobile.

It’s pointed out that ignorance of elevators might be because riding them is a brief and boring experience. (Is “boring” is why we are interested in them?).

Thanks to Arch Roberts Jr. for telling us about this article.


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