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Good Morning,

My name is Julia McCartney and I am a staff researcher/part-time writer for While searching for inspirational resources, I discovered your site through this page titled “Famous Last Words (thanks to Car Talk)” at this url:

I loved your blog [exclamation point removed] It was very refreshing, and entertaining [exclamation point removed] Thanks for such a great site [another exclamation point removed]  I think that we have some common interests and that our blog audience may overlap, so I wanted to share a resource for you that I recently wrote titled “6 Most Epic Last Words” located here:

Anyway, I hope that you’ll share with your audience if you think it is of interest. If not, I’m always looking for opportunities to build my writing portfolio in this field, so if you accept guest bloggers on your site, I’d love the chance to contribute an article on your topic of choice [exclamation point removed]

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing any feedback or ideas you have on future collaboration.


Julia McCartney

Staff Researcher/Part-time Writer



Thanks for this interesting material. And for providing even more proof that we’re right in having the DMC for men only — you used four exclamation points in your email to us, which we of course removed for fear they would cause too much excitement for our members.