Escalator riding on rail

Riding esclators is Safe Excitement for dull men. But it should be done properly, especially when riding at times when commuters are riding them seriously — they need to be at work on time.

Escalator stand on right

Here’s an email from a member about a BBC article “Escalator etiquette: The dos and don’ts”:

Dear DMC

Interesting article – for those who don’t live in Wyoming:

Best wishes

Steve Reszetniak


Inconsiderate riders:

Esclator inconsidertness


Bascially, if you are standing, not walking, don’t block the side assigned to walkers; when you get to the end of the escalator, keep moving ahead, at least to some extent, instead of stopping to figure out which way to go.


Steve’s mention of Wyoming? It’s because of the interesting fact pointed out at the end of the article: if you really want to avoid excalators, move to Wyoming where there are only two esclators .

Wyomingites should read the article, however, to be prepared when they travel out of Wyoming.


Riding in a Shangui Museum: