The Dull Man will always wish to ensure when he travels to foreign parts that he takes the power adaptor(s) necessary to connect his electrical appliances to the local supply.

He can of course ask at an electrical store for the adaptor to match the country he is to visit, but this risks generating excitement amongst the sales staff. Far better to know exactly what the sockets will be and to ask for the adaptor for that type of socket.  

The website linked to below will not only meets his needs, but will present opportunities for hours of study and reflection — almost better than the actual travelling.  

Alternatively he can plan a trip to only those places where he can get plugged in without an adaptor, thus saving expense.

Here’s the website:

“Electric Power Around the World”

Ian McIver
Brisbane, Australia



Wow, great website.

We had fun clicking on the letters in the fourth column, the column with the heaing “PLUGS,” and got to pages with pictures of the plugs.

Exciting indeed.