extreme salad bar consuming

Dear Grover

This is a tricky one.  I admire the ingenuity involved in building a salad tower, but I am not sure if we should encourage the craze.  Perhaps we could advise readers to “enjoy salad responsibly”.  It seems to work for whisky.



Steve Reszetniak

January 17, 2012


Dear Steve,

I agree, it’s not for us Dull Men. It certainly lacks moderation, moderation being a key characteristic of a dull man.

They call it Salad Bar Hacking. It could also be called Extreme Salad Bar Consuming.

Dull men like salad bars. We go for the potato salad, macaroni, coleslaw. Modest proportions of course.

Extreme Salad Bar Consuming brings to mind other Extreme activities, the first being Extreme Ironing, which was the first Extreme sport I heard about.

 exreme ironing

Participants in Extreme Ironing carry irons and ironing boards up to the top of a mountain. Then they iron. I couldn’t see why I’d ever want to do that. I like to iron in my basement. There’s no view there to distract me. I can focus on ironing.