B Norwauy reindeer TV

Dear DMC: I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it: “Norway: Reindeer migration ‘slow TV’ event planned.” From Steve Reszetniak, Enfield, North London.


Thanks for the good news Steve. We certainly enjoyed NRK’s broadcasts of the seven hour train journey and the knitting marathon. We thought it would be hard to top these but migrating reindeer might just do it.

We are pleased to see the cautious, dull way the folks at NRK are going about this. To assure themselves a film about migrating reindeer is feasible, they are methodically testing to find out whether satellite coverage will be strong enough to transmit live images from the far north of Norway. Testing will take place next spring.

There is one disappointing aspect. Although the migration takes several weeks. NRK’s film will cover only seven days of it.