Groundhog Day 1

We commented the other day that it was good Groundhog Day was last Sunday, same day as the Super Bowl. Groundhog Day gave us a break from the hullaballoo over the Super Bowl.

Seth Goden in his blog post “Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl” points out interesting similarities between Sunday’s two events.

Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl are pointless events we get involved with year after year not because of the events themselves, which are basically meaningless (do you really believe the groundhog’s weather prediction?) and boring (especially this year’s Super Bowl), but because hanging out with friends, people in your tribe, talking about the same thing at the same time, is worth doing. It’s that comfortable feeling of belonging.

It’s like belonging to the Dull Men’s Club. Men who enjoy Celebrating the Ordinary, enjoying things others think are dull, join the club. It assures them it’s OK to be dull.

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