lhr to iad

January 6, 2011

I flew yesterday from London to Washington. I achieved a dull time the entire flight.

Although each seat had its own elaborate entertainment system with a wide choice of movies, short films, TV programs — drama, comedy, action/adventure — there also was a map. I watched the map.

I watched the map the entire flight. I watched our plane as we flew westward.

The map not only showed our plane, it also showed, at the bottom, how

many miles we had flown and how many more miles to go. Fascinating.

Also shown in kilometers. I checked the math. Their conversions from miles to kilometers were correct each time I checked them.




PS: It was nice to know, once we landed and I got to the baggage area, which way I should be looking to see my bags arriving, having consulted beforehand our Worldwide Report on Airport Luggage Carousels.


PPS: Further headway against headwinds:

lhr to iad 2

lhr to iad 2.5

lhr to iad 3