June 18th, 2011
Dear Grover
Considering the intensity of the debate brewing up over Slow Movies and Boring Films now that prestigious film critics have joined, how can one add anything to this subject matter?
This and more in The New York Times :
To conclude, however, I wish to contribute a one-title list of top Boring Films, which is also a Slow Movie, never quoted in any of the stories above listed : Le Camion, by Marguerite Duras (1977)

Quoting the first of imdb’s Users Review will help dull viewers make an opinion :
“(…) Duras’ film consists of endless shots of a blue truck driving through industrial sectors of the French suburbs, edited with the jaded-looking, chain-smoking director commenting on a script (that is never actually shot) to actor Gerard Depardieu. There is plenty of time to contemplate Duras’ bracelets, wristwatch and her home decor, as well as what you might do once you’re finally let out of the theater. An interior shot of the truck’s upholstered bucket seats actually stuns the audience as if it were a moment of high-intensity drama. (…)”
Yours sincerely
Wimereux, France