How’s lockdown for you?

Isolating is not new to us. We are in our element. We’ve been self-isolating most of our lives.

For me now, it’s simply business as usual. 9:00 am at my computer as if I were in a normal job

I’m immerse myself in my own bubble. I’m into my own zone. I’m compiling my car spark calendar for 2021. Although I can’t go out to photograph more car parks, people are sending photos to me.

 How about others you know, how are they doing?

My mates are not the same. They are envious of me. They are climbing the walls. Can’t cope. No hobbies. Some are high-adrenaline, active people, eg, white water rafters.

What are you looking forward to doing once lockdown is over?

What I’m missing most is not being able to go out to photograph.