hadron internal_cutaway
Internal Cutaway of Collider

Hi Grover

I just sent this to you via the Twitter, but just in case – here’s an interesting photo essay detailing a visit to the Large Hadron Collider that I thought a few of your readers might be interested in.

The highlights for me were some very nice cable work on p3 and a couple of stimulating control room shots on p4.

Keep up the good work

Tom Murphy
Penge, UK

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Nice Cable Work
Stimulating Control Room

Hi Tom

Thanks for this.

That picture of the cable work is wonderful. Just think of how enjoyable it is to work on these cables, work most likely done by Dull Men.

Also wonderful are the pictures of the control room. I like the picture shown above of the man, most likely a Dull Man, working so contentedly at his desk there.

Sincerely (Dull Men are always sincere, mostly),