B Happy New Year scrapple

 Yesterday we posted “New Year’s Eve: what will dull men be doing?” Here’s an update, a recap of comments on that post, comments from men describing what they’d be doing:

•  “I’ll be sewing name tags on all the new socks received for Christmas last week, after I iron them. Then have a small glass of port.”

•  “I’ll be tidying up the garage, then vacuum the stairs. Maybe then, after these tasks are done to my satisfaction, open a merlot for a little glass.”

•  “Lay on the sofa for a while, then go to bed at 8:00 p.m.”

•  “I plan to look out the window.”

•  “I’m going to re-iron the hankies in my drawer just in case they’ve somehow lost their symmetry since irnong the first time. You can’t take these things for granted.”

•  “Scrapple.”

1 January 2015