Stanfords front doorIf you happen to be in or near London Wednesday, it makes sense (dull men like to make sense) to come to a launch party.

If you’d like to attend, email us at or phone 07733 262 895 to get your name on the guest list. It’s filling up fast, almost too excitng for us dull men.

6:30- 8:00 — Wednesday 2 November

12 Long Acre — near Covent Garden
Between Leicester Square and Covent Garden tube stations

The men and women in the 2017 calendar as well as “alumni” from previous publications will be there for you to meet.

2 Stanfords globes

Stanfords is the world’s largest map and travel bookstore. If the party turns out to be too exciting for you, you can wander around the store (dull men like to wander), pick out a map, sit down and read it.

The calendar can be ordered now on the Stanfords website and purchased at their stores in London and Bristol.