April 28, 2011

It’s virtually impossible to escape reading about the Royal Wedding. I avoid most of the articles. Too much glitz and glam.

The Washington Post had an Royal Wedding article in its Style Section, however, that was interesting for a dull man to read. It’s about McVitie’s bisquits.Click here.

One paragraph in particular caught my eye:

“Although the rest of the cooking world is obsessed with artisanal — every baked good a unique, hand-formed art project — McVitie’s is a champion of sameness. The biscuits are spot-checked for uniform consistency and thickness.”

“Sameness” and “consistency.” I like that.

McVities’s is making a cake from their biscuits for the wedding. This was requested by Prince William. It has long been a favorite of his, dating back to his childhood. Is he one of us?

They’re taking a belt-and-suspenders approach. They’re making two of these cakes — just in case something goes awry with the first one. (Click here to read about our Justin Case’s Belt-and-Suspenders page.)