Socrates mug

Pressures to acquire more bombard us constantly. How much do we really need?

Socrates has a way of dealing with this. Although he led a frugal life, didn’t even wear shoes, he often went to the bazaar. He’d walk through looking at displays of many sumptuous things.

“I love to go there to discover how many things I am perfectly happy without,” he would say.

Socrates realized that possessions end up possessing us. The more we have ,the more we want.

“Moreitus” — should it be classified as an illness like other “itises”?


Some of our members have copied Socrates’ example:

•  A member in London walks through Harrods. He ends up buying nothing, instead realizes how much he’s happy without.

 •  A member in Boulder, Colorado walks through through the wonderful McGuckin Hardware store there and, like Socrates, realizes how many things he’s happy without.

Gift ideas for dull men:

•  Slippers is a leading suggestion

•  Socks is another fine idea

•  And of course an anorak

More suggestions? — if you have some, please email them to us: