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As I had not ordered one, the day Apple Watches arrived, April 24, was a pleasant day for me. This apparently was not the case for those who received their Apple Watches. They have been commenting about their first day:

•  “Wow, what a steep learning curve.”

•  “I found myself incredibly frustrated.”

•   “Battery dead in seven hours.”

I’m doing just fine without an Apple  Watch:

•  A normal cell phone tells me the time.

•  For the weather and news, each morning I take a walk to the local news shop where I get a newspaper and experience the weather live as I’m walking there and back.

If I do want to wear a watch on my wrist, I have a Swatch I can use:

•  Unlike an Apple Watch, my Swatch doesn’t need to be charged every day.

•  The face is fixed on my Swatch, unlike the Apple Watch that requires that I decide which of the ten faces I want to use as well a which of the vast area of colours the fact should use. There are enough decisions waiting to be made each day, no reason to add more.

Being free of an Apple Watch, I avoid having to answer the inventible questions:

•  “Is that the new Apple Watch?”

•  “Oh, I see you have an Apple Watch, how do you like it?”

•  “What’s that the fxxx’s that weird thing on your wrist?”

•  “Are you Dick Tracy?”

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Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),

Grover Click
Button Down, Hampshire