Although it’s too soon to tell for sure, so far it looks like the new pope not only was elected pope, he is a candidate for our list of Dull Men of the Year.

•  Does things in line with our motto “Celebrating the Ordinary.”

•  Modest, plain, humble.

•  Avoids glitz and glam.

•  Less pomp and circumstance.

•  Wears a simpler pope robe than previous popes, no ermine-trimmed cloak.

•  Old black shoes instead of shiny red ones.

•  Takes the bus instead of a limousine.

•  After being chosen pope, he went to his hotel to pick pay the bill and pick up his luggage himself instead of sending a valet.

•  At the dinner with cardinals at the end of the day he was chosen pope, he said, “My brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away but here I am.” That’s much like another of our mottoes “No matter where I go, there I am.”

And we enjoy his sense of humor. At that dinner with cardinals, he said,”May God forgive you for what you have done.”