peter adamson kings college london 

Dear DMC
I would like to nominate Peter Adamson for Dull Man of the year.
Peter is Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at King’s College London.  For the past year or so he has been broadcasting a history of Western philosophy, “without any gaps” in weekly 20-minute episodes.  After fifty podcasts he has just finished with Aristotle.
This is truly wonderful stuff and deserves to be better known.  Episode 41 – “On time and eternity in Aristotle” – could perhaps qualify as the dullest title.  Episode 44 – “The Goldilocks Theory” arguably stakes a claim for Aristotle as one of the earliest dull men.  Aristotle liked to avoid extremes so, like Goldilocks, he would have wanted his porridge to be not too hot, not too cold.
Here’s a link:
Best wishes
Steve Reszetniak