The nurse brought a lunch tray to Norman Cousins (1959-1990) who was in a hospital “laughing his way to wellness.”  The nurse also handed Mr. Cousins a cup for a urine specimen, saying that when convenient he should put a specimen in the cup, that she’d pick it up when she came back to pick up the tray.

Mr. Cousins, seeing some apple juice on the tray, put two and two together.  He poured the juice in the specimen cup.

FB urine sample

The nurse came back.  She picked up the specimen, held it up to the light and said, “Mr. Cousins, this looks a little off, the color doesn’t seem quite right, are you feeling okay?”

Mr. Cousins reached out his hand for the glass and said, “Here, let me look.”  After looking at it for a few moments, he said, “Okay, I’ll run it through again,” then drank it.

The nurse fainted.

B Cousins laughter is jogging inside

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