hash key

Dear DMC

This article includes some fascinating information about the hash key — or octothorpe:


An octothorpe sounds to me like something a bit scary.

Steve Reszetniak

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Dear Steve

Wow. We learn something new every day. Thanks to the Guardian for reporting this.

We should start a new page called Essential Trivia for items like this. Items we can toss out from time to time. items that will show people how au courant we dull men truly are.

When I read your email and saw the word “octothorpe” I thought it sounded like some OxBridge professor.

I suppose it is better to call the key the octothorpe key instead of the “hash” key, given the other types of hash.

Also better to call it the octothrope key instead of “pound” key. The key should not be pounded on. Better that it is octothorped.

Button Down, Hampshire