How about, if/when we need to call ourselves something, we call ourselves dullsters — the opposite of hipsters?

People sometimes refer to us as dullards. That’s not accurate. Dictionaries define a dullard as a slow or stupid person.

The word “dull” is in the name of our group because we find excitement in things others may think are dull — simple, everyday, ordinary things. We don’t mind that this is not hip. 


Nowadays there are undue pressures to constantly acquire and achieve. We often prefer to back off, look at what we already have, and enjoy it. 

We think of the need to constantly acquire and achieve as “moritis.” Like arthritis makes joints and muscles ache, moreitis makes pocket books and wallets ache. We don’t like to put up with the strain and stress.

This is well presented in the late George Carlin’s comedy routine “A Place for My Stuff.”