Our Worldwide Report on Airport Luggage Carousels was on “Mock the Week: too hot for TV3,” now can be watched on YouTube.

carousels on mock of week
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A lively discussion indeed, at least as lively as dull men ever get. Do these guys qualify for DMC membership?


We’ve gone back into our archives and rediscussed [dull men like to rediscuss things, over and over again] this report. Here are some of the things we rediscussed:

Which way do most of airport carousels rotate?


Why counterclockwise?

Dear DMC,

As the designer of the carousels at Gatwick South, I can tell you that the reason that I chose an ACW [anti clockwise] rotation is that most people are right handed, and it is easier for them to retrieve a case which is coming it their right hand. Hence the ACW rotation.

Peter Coleman

Why do we say “counterclockwise” instead of “anticlockwise” in our report?

It’s because we have nothing against clocks. We like clocks. We like to watch them. It’s right up there with watching paint dry. And, twice a year, we enjoy changing them.

Why is the report needed?

When arriving at your destination after a long flight, you have much on your mind. Where to find a foreign exchange desk or ATM. Where to find a taxi or the rental car shuttle bus. Directions to your hotel.
The first thing you are concerned about, however, is your luggage. Will it arrive? Which carousel will it be arriving on? If it doesn’t arrive, what will you do? Should you travel with carryon instead of checking bags?
We take one concern off your mind. As you are waiting by the carousel, you will be wondering which way should you be looking for your bags. You can prepare for this ahead of time using our Worldwide Report on Airport Luggage Carousels — Clockwise or Counterclockwise.

Info to add to the report?

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