Mark Twain doin’ some serious Porch Sittin’

Thanks to Kent Burke for recommending “Porce Sittin'” on our Facebook Wall:

“Thank you for a profoundly dull website. Has anyone out there explored the dullness of front porch sittin’? It’s been a passion — without excitement of course — for many years and I highly recommend it.”


Porch sitting, once part of practically everyone’s life in the summer, has been been fading away for a long time now.

But, if you find a place to do it, it is most enjoyable. It’s a fine form of Safe Excitement; we’ll be adding it to our Safe Excitement section.

The demise of porch sitting is due to:

  • Air conditioning. People no longer need to sit out on the porch on summer evenings to sit in air that cooler than inside the house.
  • “Decks.” Many front porches have been replaced by “decks” on the backsides of houses.
  • TV. People would rather sit inside to TV than sit outside to watch the world going by.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in 1974, ran an interesting little article about this:


The info set out above if mostly from Wikipedia, and there’s more there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porch_sitting