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 — will become available for delivery around 28 October


Putin in his calendar — looking at a model airplane


Will Maw in our calendar— looking at two of his cutlery sculptures


Putin in his calendar — displaying  his physique

A pair of twins have broken the UK record for growing the heaviest pumpkin ever - weighing in at a monstrous 1,884 pounds. Brothers Ian and Stuart Paton, 53, previously held the record until it was beaten by a pumpkin last year that weighed 1,520 pounds. But moments before they smashed the British record, farmer Mark Baggs from Dorset thought he had set it himself with a massive 1,582 pounds. However, the Patons, from Pennington, Hants, were last up at an annual weigh-in of the UK's biggest pumpkin. And amazingly, they smashed the record with their enormous 4.5ft tall pumpkin, which has a circumference of 17ft and 4in. SEE OUR COPY FOR MORE DETAILS. Pictured: Stuart Paton (left) and Ian Paton (right) with their pumpkin. © Tom Harrison/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

Ian and Stuart Paton —”green-thumbed twins” — in our calendar — displaying their award-wining giant pumpkin


Putin in his calendar — fishing


Richard Gottfried in our calendar — minigolfing


A pair of ladies in Putin’s calendar — being photographed with him


Lady in our calendar — being photographed with a pair of Brown Signs. It’s Amanda Hone whose hobby is following as many Brown Signs as she can. She founded the Follow the Brown Signs website