Running of the Bulls — precarious

Runnonf of Bulls heard turning corner

Rjunninf of Bulls heard turning corner 2

Running of Bull men fown on pavement

Runninf of Bulls heard from rear

To read more about this and see more pictures, there’s a good artcie in the Huggington Post.



There’s some even worse photos — horridic photos of goring in the Daily Mail (UK)


HWe like ow Running of the Sheep” instead?

25th Annual

Running of the Sheep


From The Insider’s Guide to Montana:

This was pretty funny. Don’t expect high excitement, but if you enjoy seeing a town have a lot of fun over running a large herd of sheep through town it couldn’t be better. It was conceived as a take off on the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. We enjoyed it tremendously. The first year it was done no one actually thought it would become an annual event but it was so much fun it has lasted.